directDiscovery is a forward thinking resource marketing company. Since founded in 2003, the company has grown rapidly and worked with numerous clients. dD marketing specialises in below-the-line direct marketing and counts a huge array of FTSE 1000 clients among their most loyal clients. Many of the leading high street brands rely on directDiscovery for the planning and implementation of their national promotional campaigns and they have been recognised time and again for their ability to deliver outstanding results.

In 2010, DD Media Solutions came into existence as an offshoot of directDiscovery Ltd. DD Media Solutions is a specialist "destination" out of home owner. We target people when they arrive at their destinations rather than when they are on the move. This ensures highly effective campaigns with extremely low wastage. DD Media Solutions has partnered international supermarkerts and national retail stores to develop the leading in-store advertising network in Nigeria, with trolley and basket media networks in leading retail chains such as Shoprite, Game, Park n shop, Ebeano and Spar to offer an alternative advertising medium.

The management team of DD Media Solutions combines many years of experience in out-of-home advertising, operations and logistical expertise. We are both entrepreneurial and disciplined in our approach to developing and growing businesses.

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